I found a couple indespensible tools recently –
I’m happy with git, but I’m forced to use svn for most projects.. and while, I’m not very fond of buying software, but this one saves me a load of time.. worth every penny.
the main reason is that the diff files generated via textmate are cumbersome to navigate through since diffs appear within the same file…
Changes has a dual window sorta thing going on that gives me a GUI to navigate diffs quickly.
It supports coda, macrabbit expresso and textmate too.
2) Colloquy for Iphone – for messaging without the associated fees of SMS.. just good ole’ IRC gone mobile.

So now.. the toolset is textmate, quicksilver, navicat , osx terminal, CSSedit and of course graphics stuff, but I still prefer working in Fireworks most of the time or for detailed work it’s Illustrator over Photoshop.